A young motivated entrepreneur and the definition of young and reckless behavior NENO has emerged in his tri-state area. Born and raised in the streets of NY, (Central Islip) and the Bronx (Throgs Neck), becoming street smart and defending himself was never a problem. learning how to navigate his way around gangs and violence while getting and education wasn’t easy, but keeping his family safe was top priority, being the only man of the house. He started to build a love for music when he entered Central Islip High School. Here NENO was taught by Mr. John Anthony who opened his eyes to the world and really showed him the beauty in music and the ugly evil in music… He also showed him the the ability to travel with music and how to broaden music to horizons not even god himself can see. Mr. Anthony’s teachings showed NENO a path in life where he can express himself and feel not ashamed of who he is or what he has been through, showing that his voice can be powerful and the world will be found to what he has to say. Later in his high school days around thanksgiving Jr. year (11th grade) NENO moved to Charlotte NC. There is where he learned all about southern hospitality, people genuinely saying hi as appose to looking the other way and saying F*ck you like NY, still continued his concert choir career but his love and passion for it went down seeing that his instructor wasn’t as good as Mr. Anthony, and in the process he was dealing with a lot of home issues with step dad… eventually was kicked out before high school and had to live on his own, in a motel and finish H.S. on his own. finished H.S. Then decided to move down to sunny Florida with his father. throughout the years he has been there periodically on vacations from school thought 7 years so he knew people before even getting there. Later entered a group called “TEAMKNOTTZ” at the age of 19 turning 20…. then quickly became the boss and leader of the crew within 8 months of hard work… Created a new dance called the ” DIDDY WHOP” which hit over 100k views on Youtube in 5 months, but was removed by Youtube… Now he is currently making a catalog of music which he has done on NENO’S WORLD 1 & 2 Mixtape which is on datpiff and itunes hosted by DjSamore and Hookmanjones….. when he recreates the “DIDDY WHOP” he’ll have more music for people to attract to, not like the rest of the 1 and done artist.. Also He started working on bringing out all his group talents on my 2nd mixtape with the saxophone and base along with more instruments… This young man is the next face in music and has the ambition and leadership skills to persuade everyone on his side, with good intentions to open doors for people as appose to being selfish and not caring for music and only for the money and fame… “the sky is the limit and i just want everyone to succeed and live it, if i have to be proper and play my part so my people can later enjoy life too then so be it as long as i get us to the promise land….. dreams can come true with hard work and dedication”