New Jazz HipHop Duo has Food for You! (@OfficialSwAGGiT)


SwAGG!T, a Jazz Hip-Hop duo, coming from Frederick, Maryland (by way of Chattanooga, TN). This duo consists of Brandon and Khary, two brothers that were born in Berlin, Germany. Each brother has his own style that mesh together to provide an amazing journey detailing their personal experience and daily encounters–which their listeners can relate to. They have a style similar to their musical influences: OutKast and A Tribe Called Quest, per SwAGG!T’s listeners.

Recently, SwAGG!T released a free album called, “Food for You” on December 22nd, 2013. An incredible, well-put-together album that any listener can listen to while riding, smoking, and relaxing. SwAGG!T made plenty of progress since their last mixtape, which is evident by listening to this uplifting album. “Food for You” has twelve amazing tracks including: an intro, outro, and short skit to give the listeners the groovy duo’s perspective regarding their creative, lyrical, and general growth. Download “Food for You” and listen to see which tracks are your favorite! Stay up-to-date, follow @OfficialSwAGGiT on twitter!