New Music Company Accepts ‘Millionaire Clients Only’


Want to start a new Music company where you will have a worldwide presence and brand established in 12-18 months?

Do you want Major label distribution? Independent distribution?

Do you want access to the most “powerful people in the Recording industry as it applies to radio promotion, marketing, public relations, legal representation, music production and writing, Internet marketing and strategic planning?

Are you a “Millionaire?”

If you answered “Yes” to all of the questions listed above, you might want to speak with the executives at “Inner Connected Services”

Inner Connected Services is the new “Rolls Royce of Hip Hop/R&B Music marketing, establishing new Music companies in the extremely competitive Music industry.

The firm is “extremely selective” as it applies to perspective clients and rejects 95% of all the people who inquire about their services.

The company has strict “financial requirements” that have to be met before the representatives talk to a new label owner for potential label development.

Simply put, ”If the label does not have at least “One Million Dollars” to enter the market…Do not contact Inner Connected Services”. Its just not the place for you!

The company and its executive directors have established new music companies featuring Rap/R&B Music artists at Warner Bros. Records, RCA Records, Motown Records, Geffen Records, Capitol Records, Universal Records, Sony Records, Island Records and ADA Distribution.

With an incredible string of “hit artists and producers” who have sold over “24 Million records worldwide dating back to 1997″ who were either launched or Managed by the executives at Inner Connected Services such as “DJ BATTLECAT” and “DJ QUIK”, its quite clear why the firm has such high standards when it comes to the product they push.

Inner Connected Services Co-Presidents Stan Sheppard and William E. Lewis Esq. readily explain to perspective clients that the entrance into the “major league version of the Recording industry” takes a great deal of money if you plan on making a big impact within the first 12-18 months, so if your money is limited and you are trying to cut corners with sound quality and promotion and marketing strategies right out of the gate…find a new business to put your funds in because this game is not for you!

Columbia Records/Sony Music V.P. of Urban Music Promotion, Cynthia Johnson, who has worked with Stan Sheppard states “Having worked with Stan Sheppard directly I have always been impressed with his passion for music and support for our community. I have known Stan for over 25 years and he never fails to impress me with his innovation and creativity. Stan is one of the top music men in our industry with a complete skill set to recognize true innovation, signing talent with a vision and having the knowledge and ability to bring home a hit record”

Echoing the sentiments of Sony Music V.P. Cynthia Johnson concerning the launching of the new entity is SESAC, Inc. V.P. of Writer/Publisher Relations, Mr. James R. Leach, Jr. who states ” Stan Sheppard has a most impressive ear and keeps it close to where the music is happening. This, coupled with his extraordinary business acumen from records to publishing, has allowed Stan to maintain a strong presence in today’s rapidly changing business. I know that when music comes from Stan’s office that its something I need to hear”

Co-president, William E. Lewis Esq, states that Inner Connected Services will interview and select a total of “3 companies” that the firm will assist in 2014 and all “serious investors/company owners” should contact the firms offices via email.


To reach “Inner Connected Services” email: Ms. Marlena Jeter, General Manager at email address:

Stan Sheppard

Stan Sheppard