New Reggae Fusion Artist ‘Oriel’ (@OrielBarry) On The Rise, New Single ‘Confidence’ Doing Big Numbers


With the lead single off the EP ‘Confidence’ doing well around the world on television and radio, reggae fusion artist ‘Oriel Barry’ has finally been getting the recognition he deserves in his music career. Born in Wesley, Dominica but currently residing in Pittsburg Pennsylvania, ‘Oriel’ has learned to love many styles of music and fuses them together to create one of the most unique ‘Reggae Fusion’ styles together since the late 70’s.

Many have compare his style to that of Bob Marley’s as he looks to uplift the world wit his music and bring a new found love and unity across nations with a musical style driven by the every day life situations we face as human beings on this earth. Oriel is without a doubt going to go down as one of the greatest ‘Reggae Fusion’ artists that has ever lived.