NIQLE NUT (@niqle_cob) – “Add Me Up” (Prod. by @GummyBeatz) via @TreacherousCOB

NIQLE NUT, is back in the game with his new single,”Add Me Up.” While at first listen the Gummy Beatz produced song may appear to be just another braggadocious track extolling one’s material possessions, the truth is somethign far deeper. NIQLE was raised in his native borough of Brooklyn until the age of eleven, after which he was moved to Inglewood, CA and, like so many before him, got caught up in the gangster lifestyle. After a near brush with death left him confined to a wheelchair for two years, NIQLE Nut began to reevaluate his life and found his true calling. He breaks it down like this….

“I’m starting to feel like a chosen one.” the rapper shares. “Not too many MF-ers make it out the neighborhood. I’m doing my thing now. I’m driving foreign. I’m wearing designer clothes. But I’m not a movie star. I’m a rapper and right now. starting out, I’m not really getting no rewards. Material things ARE my rewards. I feel like those things give me something right now that I can attach myself to and say ‘this is FINALLY mine’.”

Lookout for NIQLE’s new EP CiNQO dropping this summer!

Twitter: @niqle_cob
IG: @niqle