No Audible Dialogue – Innocence

Hello, my name is Isaac Benjamin (aka No Audible Dialogue) I am a composer and producer. I just released my first collab project with my best friend and fellow producer Jabril Berry, aka Pardus Blacke. We are extremely pleased with the results of this work and our confident when it’s submitted to anyone in any genre they will like one of the three tracks on the EP. You can stream the EP on Sound cloud here: ​

I’ve never used services like this before. I’ve been making music since I was thirteen, and am about to be twenty two, and only recently have starting thinking about the money side of things and trying to make something of myself with my work. However that doesn’t mean the quality suffers at all becuase of it.

If you need to get ahold of me for whatever reason you can contact me at:

Thank you for this oppertunity, and no matter what happens I just look forward to the ride! Take care, and I hope you enjoy the music as well,

– Isaac