NuNu (@nunuon1) – Do You

As the saying goes, Music is the food of the soul, through out history, Music has really been part of human civilization, and as such, Man can not live in a world where there is no music. Experience they say is the best teacher, NuNu is not just a name, it is also the years of experience That I have gathered as a Recording Artist, I am an experienced singer and instrumentalist, It is my mission to make new and inspirational musics all the time and getting positive responses from my fans always keeps me going.
I thank God for his gift because my musics always leave’s the Audience filled with fond memories that last a life time.
The Independent Record label 4EP/GrimI.E., keeps growing bigger year after year, and in this year 2015, I am looking forward to a greater achievement. NuNu thrives to achieve greatness and continues to be and bring out the best in himself for his supporters, fans, family and friends

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