P-Munnay (@pmunnay) – My Temptation (feat. FiLmMoRe)


Gospel hip hop artist P-Munnay has released his latest single this week called ‘My Temptation’. The track goes in on the traps and temptations that took a hold of the artist before he *really turned to God through Christ (Messiah), and was able to overcome them. My Temptation is the third single off of P-Munnay’s latest album ‘Changed (The Gates)’ and features talented artist and producer FiLmMoRe with a smooth and sobering flow.

The track can be downloaded for free on SoundCloud, and at pmunnaymusic.com. Following on from his two summer singles ‘Praising You’ and ‘Yellowbrick Road’, the quality of the entire album is there for all to see, and it (the album) also is available for free download on his website. If you haven’t already downloaded it, here’s what others are saying “Hey P-Munnay… man did this track ever make chills come up my spine, I downloaded your whole album yesterday and I just can’t seem to put my iPod down.” – K.B.