P-Munnay (@pmunnay) – One Soul Saved


Have you ever felt like you didn’t quite measure up? Do cars, clothes, and money define you or have they at one point in your life? Gospel Hip Hop Artist P-Munnay talks about the ever growing tilt of our society to look at the “bLing” instead of the “bEing” on his latest single, One Soul Saved. Just as the song states in the opening line, this upbeat track was dedicated to anyone who’s ever felt that way. It’ll have you smiling for days. And if you’re one of the few who never has felt that way, there’s still room on your Ipod for this track since: note to all hip hop heads – jaws may drop in verse 2. As always, you can cop free downloads of P-Munnay’s music at www.Pmunnaymusic.com and on Soundcloud. Get yours today!