P1 (@P1ZoneThree) – “What If I Told You The Truth” (Mixtape)

When I first pushed play on this mixtape, I was surprised from the delivery of the production and/or the lyrical delivery. P1, coming from Zone 3 in Duval County, Florida sound like he spent most of his summers in Queensbridge with Nas. This is not mumble rap, this ain’t that. P1 and Zone 3 gained my respect forever.

“To get to the penthouse from the basement, you’re gonna need heart and hustle…” The flow of each veteran MC was so refreshing that I didn’t want the song to end. Listening to their spit gave me a different respect for Jacksonville, Fla. The world needs to know about you cats and I hope my review touches many so they can hear the “truth”. DJ Swagg, thanks for this one, “What If I Told You The Truth” the mixtape.

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