Pastel (@imPastel) – Dark

It’s under dim lights Pastel is trying his best to capture his thoughts. Sitting alone in the control room of the studio, a vibrant Dark Blue production spilling out of the monitors. He’s trying to recall his state of mind during a recent unpleasant encounter. Eyes closed, replaying the few minute conversation through in his head, Pastel is focused and out of reach from the world.

Kenya born; Uganda, Canada, and United States raised, Pastel is truly a man of the world. Having seen, smelt, tasted and in every way experienced such drastically different parts of the world, he’s been blessed with a unique perspective of the world. This is what enables Pastel to paint the pictures he does with his songs.

Over the past eleven years Pastel has developed from young rapper “Muy the Boy Wonder” into an artist well versed in the world and the people in it. On that eleven year ride, Pastel has released 3 mixtapes, 2 EPs, won 2010’s BMC Award for Best Hip Hop artist and Best Overall Performance, received 11th place out of 20,000 entries for the International Songwriting Competition in 2012 and opened up for artists such as Big Sean and Mike Posner and many more.

Pastel has just recently wrapped and is prepping the release of three seven-track EPs over the next year, starting first with Passion Pt. 1 this winter, to be followed by Paradigm and Passion Pt. 2 1st and 2nd quarter of next year. What these projects capture are the last three years of his journey dealing with the gamut of experiences and emotions that come along with his eternal struggle to find happiness. Sometimes at it’s brightest and sometimes at it’s darkest, his life and it’s constant, back-and-forth sway between both ends of the spectrum brought forth the emotion necessary to create each project in its truest and most artistic form.

“At the very core, I just want people to connect with my music. I want to be revered for my art. Everything else that comes along with that is simply a byproduct of that goal.”