People From Venus (@peoplefromvenus) – Habitat

PFV has been climbing the ranks in the indie music scene with hits “Kite”, “Light War”, “Lipstick”, and more. In 2013 they were named one of the best undiscovered bands by Spin Magazine.
RedBull licensed “Kite” for one of their commercials in 2014. The band is currently in L.A. writing songs and preparing to tour.

If your not familiar with this group or their music, then let me clue you in. Their sound has been described as gritty UK Punk with a snarl with some added sexual swagger ( Spin Magazine). Their current single “Lipstick” has been heating up the airwaves all through the UK; it’s become a favorite amongst glam-rockers, trendsetters, and hipsters
— miami new times

“Habitat” is the pre release single of their new record #ONLYLOVEWILLSAVETHEHUMANRACE. Its a song about the hope of spirit an alien has for a human earth girl. The Release is for mid march.

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