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Ray Ray of S.O.E. Releases This Soul Shocking Song “Horns Up”

WARNING: This song will have you jumping out of your seat. Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT releases his latest song entitled “Horns Up”, on Soundcloud. I have to admit this rapper came at me like a bat out of Hell. Since the legendary days of Mastamind and Esham, I haven’t seen such a boldly satanic artist. He makes the Illuminati look childish, releasing this single for his latest installment into “#SmokeOneSundays”. The best way to describe this song in two words: Boldly Satanic. It’s full of sadistically disturbing lyrics. “Horns Up” will have churches full, bibles open, and Pope John Paul II rolling in his grave. The religious are calling radio stations to have this song blacklisted. I have no clue what possessed him to create this song. I don’t even know what possessed me to click this song link. So if you’re not prepared, DON’T hit play. You will regret it. Ray Ray of S.O.E. is a solo artist out of Smoke One ENT, located outside of Memphis, TN.

Carnage of Smoke One ENT produced the instrumental behind this #SmokeOneSunday track as usual. They want their music to reach and disturb the masses. This song is not for the weak. He sets the song immediately, stating his objective. He tells the unsettling story of stomping Jesus, taunting God, and stealing souls. “Horns Up” condones satanic activity and the cursing of Christ, a subject that’ll have Satanists raving. Ray Ray of S.O.E. is different than other rappers. He stays true to his beliefs and choice of music. This artist does not tone it down to please anyone, even God. Not suitable for children or the religious. His satanically influenced lyrics are explicit and demonic. They may not be suitable for the religious, especially Christians, who know The Devil is Alive. This is what makes Ray Ray of S.O.E. so daring and his music disrupting.

He tells it his way and does not hold back. The fact that the anticipation of “Horns Up” being released has had the number of church attendance increasing this month tells you that the shock factor this song has had on society. If you want raw talent and rebellious music that will give you an experience like that of a rollercoaster, check this out. “If you’re scared… Go to church.” https://soundcloud.com/mrcarnagec/horns-up-bv-ray-ray-produced If you would like to interview Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT then please contact SmokeOneENTJSM@gmail.com

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