Ray Ray of @SmokeOneEnt – Up All Night (Prod. by @MrCarnageC)


The most controversial rapper in the Dirty South of America releases another song, “Up All Night” in his latest installment to #SmokeOneSundays.

“Up All Night” has gotten fans and listeners doing a cocktail of drugs. Including but not limited to Uppers, Downers, Weed, Coke and more. From Chicago to Memphis, back up to New York, rapper lovers everywhere are playing and talking about the song that tells the story of getting shit-faced all night up to the early mourn.

Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT, who is also a music producer, born in Flint Michigan, stationed outside of Memphis, TN, wants his music not just to be listened to while on drugs. He wants his music to be talked about and there is no doubt that lovers of rap music are talking about “Up All Night”.

He sets the song off with a catchy hook involving him and a “bad bitch” staying up all night mentioning a number of drugs. His laid back, hypnotizing flow, draws listeners in and really sets a mind-easing mood. With production from Carnage of Smoke One ENT, there’s no doubt this is a banger to be played over and over again. These two make a great team, and are dominating the online radio waves. “Up All Night” talks about drug-induced insomnia, a subject college students and vampers can relate to, and that is why Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT is different to other rappers, he stays true to himself and his music and does not tone it down to please anyone.

His tongue lashing lyrics are explicit and uncompromising and may not be suitable for the faint hearted who live in a make believe world, and this is what makes Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT and his music exciting, he tells it the way it is.

“Up All Night” is uncompromising, it is a song that has Stoners to Coke-head up all night vibing to this tune. This is definitely a track for the Underground stream of music. Forget about your Young Thug and your Rich Homie Quan. If you want real talent and music, from an “artist”, this guy will take you to Euphoria and back with this hit single. https://soundcloud.com/mrcarnagec/up-all-night-by-ray-ray.

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