RhyZe UK (@RhyZeUK) – Cracks In The Ceiling/Dreadnaught (RhyZe UK Mashup) ft. Icicle, SP:MC, Jade & Matt U.



Thanks for this opportunity to hear my work, I am an aspiring DJ/Producer/Remix artist originally a Drums who became fascinated with mixing and mastering, and have built up a big passion for using Tracktor Pro 2 and various other tools in realtime more so to feel my performances more.

This is only due to me using the tools that I have at my disposal, which include custom profiles made to give precision in the remix and original work environment.

The last three years have been a tough learning curve, trying new skillsets and honing my sound has been at the forefront.

I tried to make a point to stop releasing my drafting and progression early on, as I felt I really needed refinement. And so now presently, just feel deep down I believe I have what it takes to go the extra step, the joy of production being quite evident I hope.

They include a range of different styles, influences and genres as well as a studio recorded (metalcore) album, with my old College band back in 2009 at Bath College where I achieved my DMM in Modern Music (BTEC).

I am now at the point where I would just like to shine a light on the projects I have underway, completed and aspire to do in the future!

For starters, my niche I have strived for has been with the Remix/Mashup domain, I really enjoy being able to combine two completely different sources of music by taking note of the EDM based song structures which usually format over 32 or 64 bars for transitions, something I have really been working on as my main focus to be able to try to become more adept at my A/B Mashup styles, sometimes including Vocal Acapellas.

In Particular Video, this will demo my main genre focus, Drum & Bass. Genre I massively love right now, it reflects my passion for drumming the most as well as dwelving into the tribal house and deep house domains. It also feature an AMV (Anime Music Video) of the Japanese Anime Series Dragonball Z and Bleach.

I love to be as diverse as possible, appreciate all music and be able to remix whatever comes my way.

Do hope you enjoy,

Kind Regards,

Rhys Glover

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