Deion Mcglen Odom, aka JACKAVELI is sure to be one of the most most prestigious artist to emplimant style and diversity for 2018. Stemming from Germantown, Maryland, JACK has been writing since he was 13, but started taking the music industry serious around the age of 17. To have the experience of living all around the DMV area, Jack grew up mainly in PG County with his single mother raising both his youngest and older brother. At this point in this future mogul’s life, traveling on tours internationally, becoming a philanthropist, inspiring troubled youth, and creating a new wave of music is how Jack wants his legacy to start. Working a 9-5 and going to school did not pan out the way Jack planned, so music is the main option for 2018. Expect nothing but greatness from Jack and watch how hard work and dedication brings success through his music to please craving audiences globally!

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