Rob Stashiz (@RobStashiz) – Ready to Live

ROB STASHIZ marks the beginning of an era not just in Philadelphia, but Hip-Hop in general. Setting himself apart from his City of Brotherly Love counterparts, Rob Stashiz has decided to take the artistic route to success, rather than gain notoriety as simply a battle rapper. After going through hardships such as a struggle with cancer, Rob Stashiz has been able to channel his emotions to create some of the most profound music to hit Philly’s underground scene.
After years of honing his craft, Rob began making moves with underground artists such as Steph Pockets & Deep Six, with whom Rob worked on the Soundtrack ”O” starring Mekhi Phifer and Julia Stiles. As an outlet for his talent, Stashiz formed a group, Raw Deal Squad Entertainment, with family members and close friends. Songs like ”Ready to Live” and ”My Life” reveal such emotion and story-telling skills that it can touch the hearts of any listener.
Stashiz slowly grind his way to success by getting his buzz from dropping his mixtapes ”Playoff Season” is hosted by ATL’s finest DJ Butter Rock and ”Road To Perdition” hosted by Philly’s own DJ Nophrillz both of which can be found on The Stashman cometh….

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