Roga Raph (@rogaraph) – Visionary Shift

Jazz rap: a subgenre of Hip-Hop discussed ad nauseam by diehard fans. Whether you’ve been caught in a daze while bumping Tribe’s Low End Theory, or you know Blue Notes Records’ discography front to back, the music has birthed passionate listeners for a reason. While some heads might discount the music as being a relic of the past, the sounds of the underground still emit those feel good jazz vibes, even in today’s Internet Era. Proving that there’s still an audience for that laid back groove is the Mt. Kisco, New York based rapper/producer, Roga Raph. Raph is a part of the new wave of emcees looking to expand upon those jazzy Hip-Hop cuts that many of us grew up with, in hopes that he could give both contemporary heads and new listeners, simply great music. This effort all begins with the release of his eleven track, au gratis debut, Visionary Shift.

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