Ryeale Britt (@ryealebritt) – + Hard Drive +


The re-release of my newest project, + Hard Drive + was created in a space of time where I was growing and creatively shaping my sound. With amazing production from “Iron Lung Clan” leader, “Plue Starfox” , HW&W’s “Evil Needle” and “High Class Filth”, I was able to create a more vivid “Picture of Sound” so to speak.

Short Bio:Constantly fitted with a pair of chucks, this Atlanta-based MC has a unique and quirky style that can directly relate back to his music. While picking up his bachelors in Mass Communications at Lander University, Ryeale found his love for hip-hop while exploring two hobbies, poetry and technology. With a computer engineering job at Lander University and a love for Anime, Ryeale often let those influences along with personal experiences inspire his music.

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