S7GMA (@S7GMA) – Black On Black

A must listen new release from upcoming artist S7GMA titled ‘Black On Black’ featuring Ta$$ of the ‘East Memphis Boyz’ is peaking on underground charts and hitting many blogs; don’t be fooled by the look, he is a “Bad Man”! The Philadelphia native has
made noise in the past, but he is back from a high hiatus, buzzing with the Gangster rap single and is currently the talk all over social media. ‘Black On Black’ struck Twitter and SoundCloud May 2nd and has been the conversation of the underground since,
not to mention the massive amount of fans he has gained overseas who are going crazy over this record. Now S7GMA is promising his all of his “7s” (his fan base) that he is never going on a break again and giving them exactly what they want. Recently S7GMA
has announced a mixtape entitled “What Ya Wanted” that he is currently working on, but the release date is currently unknown. Unless you’re living under a rock, you shouldn’t be the only one who hasn’t given ‘Black On Black’ a listen!


S7GMA – Black On Black // Top Upcoming Artist of 2017 [MUST LISTEN]