Sabbath Psychedelic (@firstdazehere) – Atropos (The Fates)

Sabbath Psychedelic – Music Producer’s minimalist approach to Hip Hop with 70’s Psychedelia

Distorted guitars, drop down tuning, and fuzzy tones are elements that create the sound producer Sabbath Psychedelic is ushering into Hip Hop.

Influenced by the 1970’s Japanese, British and American hard rock scene, the musician turned producer is composing music that finds a balance between simplicity, complexity and originality. Preferring the path of live jam sessions/recordings over it’s digital counterparts, is a pursuit of capturing the raw energy of musicianship and synergy within that environment. It’s the elusive goal that can only be felt but not touched.


Sabbath Psychedelic – Atropos (The Fates)