Sexy People Get Blissful Boost To Be “1159” Attractive (via @Mysterious_Ent)

Instant Pleasure Is Ready When You Are

Mysterious Entertainment teamed up with Crown’d Headz Entertainment to bring music fans a very sexy single and the first music video release from “The Major Indie Label” that displays both labels’ musical talents exclusively on Vevo.

The collaboration of these artists and labels for the single and music video “11:59” was done to show the many independent artists that it is more profitable to combine resources to produce a quality product. The daughter of the first female rapper/MC of the hip-hop culture Mc Sha-Rock, Princess Tia sets the tone of the single and video with her sexy and feminine demeanor accompanied by a strong lyrical delivery while Mysterious Entertainment recording artist Marquee compliments the sensual lead with his sultry and seductive chorus and verse. Dino, CEO of Mysterious Entertainment, closes out the song with his gritty and edgy delivery of what some may call “controversial” lyrics. The music video was directed, shot and edited by 2Pug Productions owned by Tanner Bell. Overall the video will captivate the percentage of music fans the single alone does not.