Shawn Gates (@Gates_Artashir) – Hypothetical Grammy (Rumors)


Shawn Gates, 25 years old, from Cleveland, OH, delivers the brand new “Hypothetical Grammy (Rumors)”. Gates currently reside in Tuskegee, Alabama where he attends Tuskegee University as a dual major in Business Administration and also Hospitality management, he is currently a senior. He started doing music when he was 9 years old and recorded his first mixtape when he was 19 years old. He just released his second mixtape titled ‘Before The Champagne’ on Gates is also a song writer and music publisher for SESAC. “I love music and i love being on stage its a whole different side of me that I get to bring out and show others who aspire to do the same!” says Shawn Gates.

Contact information:
Twitter: @Gates_Artashir
Instagram: @By_Artashir
Facebook: Shawn Artashir Gates