Shemon Luster (@IAmShemon) aka WizzdomBeats

Shemon Luster (AKA WizzdomBeats) 16 year old new and emerging R&B/Hip Hop producer, songwriter, and singer born and raised in Rockford, IL (outside of Chicago) in his short career has work with some big people. At the the age of 13 traveling to Atlanta, Wizzdom connected with upcoming producers and engineers that gave him tips that later inspired him to travel back home to the midwest and start producing. He has worked hard ever since then. Today the 16 year old Producer has worked with K. Michelle, O-King, Richard King (Troy Taylor’s new artist), and is working heavily with Atlanta rapper K. Camp’s Label WeAreWerk. Stay tuned as the young producer continues to work hard and climb the charts with his hits!

Shemon Luster (WizzdomBeats)
FB: Shemon Luster
IG: moniethewisekidd
Soundcloud: wizzdombeats