Slaive (@kid2daraw) – Confirmation


Omar also known as Slaive bringing a completely new sound to the table and making his own noise. Based in California and ready to make artists jump off in his music is excited to announce his arrival to the movement. Towards the ending of the summer in 2013 Slaive decided to produce music and make it count, not only did he start off of his phone but noticed he had potential to actually make sounds as he chose to and meet different criteria/styles. Within the short period of 4 months Slaive produced his first Mixtape (instrumentals only) called Tha Purpose which consisted of 9 tracks, all different styles. At the beginning of 2014 he upgraded to a Mini Mpk Midi and decided to take it to a different level. Very hip hop-trap style (that’s his main focus) he decided to start working on his second mixtape which is Tha Purpose Pt. 2. This mixtape consists of 18 different tracks with different sounds which was released on August 25th.

Twitter: @kid2daraw
Instagram: slaive_13