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SLICKJUICE is an American hip hop group residing in Maryland. The pair is comprised of “Slick”, also known Slick Vick, who was born in Prince George’s county MD but is of Nigerian decent. While the other half of the dynamic duo “Juice” was born in Alexandria, VA but his background is from Sierra Leone. The two met at a high school basketball summer league game. A local friendly match-up between Northwestern and Fairmont Heights High School would be the link that connected the two who would later form the group we know as SLICKJUICE.

They describe what influences them as “the culture of music” in general. Not giving too much credit to one genre, individual artist, or group. Instead, they believe that the art of music is what inspires them. When asked what drives the duo to create music, they replied “The understanding that music can change a persons mood is so influential. To provide music that can be happy, motivational, confrontational and/or uplifting.”

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