Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) Presents @MacShawn100, New EP ‘The Position’, Ft. @IceCube, @E40, Tha Dogg Pound


Snoop Dogg Presents Macshawn 100 Aka “The Creator Of Slang” and his long awaited new single titled “The Position” featuring Ice Cube. No stranger to the music industry, MacShawn 100, The man who brought you “Please Believe It”, “Oh Boy”, “So Quick So Fast”, “Nephew”, “You Hear Me”, “And You Do Know That”, “You B**** You” made his debut feature on E-40’s 1995 single titled, “Sideways”. E-40 and rapper B-Legit are blood cousins of MacShawn 100 and have shared numerous collaborations and music business deals together. When asked about how the collaboration with Ice Cube came into existence, Macshawn replied, “It’s actually a funny story, I have family that resides in Northern Lousiana, and I try to frequent back home a few times a year.

Last time I was visiting, my family had pushed me to reach out to Ice Cube because apparently his Aunt and my Uncle had eloped and birthed children which made Cube and I related. Coincidentally, I was on tour with Snoop Dogg that year and Ice Cube was performing with us on a couple of dates. I got a chance to approach Ice Cube about the surprise relationship, it all checked out, so we were official ever since. Ice Cube blessed a verse on the track, Snoop heard it did the same and here we are today.”

Long time manager AJ Pavel, Macshawn 100 and Snoop Dogg have built an alliance with Deep Dark East Chairman Can Katipzade,Vice President of Bank of America India Jugal Parekh, Face Of Persia Lida Mohaghegh and Fundura Co-Founder Yashasvi Bhuta for a Multi-Million Dollar Arts, Music & Film Project to be funded by Fundura Inc. Snoop Dogg, AJ Pavel, MacShawn 100, Ayden Cancutluay and Can Katipzade will be featured executive producers on MacShawn 100’s new album titled, “The Position”. Industry Level Music Group will also assist in licensing and promotional opportunities for the single.

Macshawn 100’s album will be launching on a crowd-funding platform called “Fundura” here in the next couple months. The funds raised will be used to promote and market the album as well as the singles titled “The Position”, featuring Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube, “The Position Remix” featuring surprise independent artists MacShawn is cultivating, “Smoke The Best” featuring Snoop Dogg, and “Clap To This” featuring Snoop Dogg produced by BattleCat.

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