Soncier (@soncierthehero) – Speaka Blowa

Speaka Blowa is single released from the Mixtape D.A.R.E F**ck Negative sh** . This urban single gives you the confidence to grind hard & play hard Speaka Blowa provides the energy you need “turn up” before and after you step foot out of the club. One of the many singles off the mixtape, D.A.R.E solidifies the versatility. Sonicer touches on socialism, dreams/aspirations, and life experiences which introduces his theme of his “f**ck negative sh** movement. Deeming himself as the positive rapper with negative appeal, Soncier leaves listeners inquiring. A new style definitely worth checking out. DL for free here:

Facebook –!/pages/Soncier-the-Hip-Hop-Legend-to-Be/114571585255412