Street Legends Vol.1 (via @PromoGodMother)


Inner-City hip hop crowns new street legends this holiday season. The sweet sounds of rappers long gone JoJo from Chicago,IL and DemiDii from Augusta, GA resonate with listeners as if they came from Tupac Shakur. MTMS Promotions & Legend Mixtapes captures those sounds echoing the struggles Tupac spoke about decades ago in Street Legends Vol 1. Obama’s presidency brought a new day for Hip Hop but many still struggle with incarceration and death due to gang violence. MTMS & Legend Mixtapes embrace this new day while sending a message to never forget why HipHop became so popular in the first place. The message is the same whether rappers A. Jones, 50Tyson or Swagg Dinero say it in Chicago or Teddy Sm!th says it in DC; “just funk the police and make money”. Just as Tupac rose from the concrete with his lyrics, the new Street Legends can and will as well. Last year, hip hop lost JoJo a true soldier but gained his brother Swagg Dinero this year. With his hit song, “Word on The Street” Swagg is thrusting the JoJo World movement forward. Hip Hop lost one but gained 100 more soldiers ready to pick up where JoJo left off.

As featured rapper Mark D says “when you’re young and black they don’t give a funk”. Knowing this, Street Legend artists never stop grinding or let any “label” slow them down. Rappers like A. Jones also own companies and manage other artists. It is a new day in underground hip hop; many unsigned artists now double up as entrepreneurs taking notes from Jay-Z and 50Cent. As Therrow Bread Kampaign says “it ain’t a thing for me to ball so like Nike I Do It”. The newly minted Street Legends just do it along with many others and the streets are dancing to their tune. LegendMixtapes is now broadcasting the Street Legends internationally with new listeners consistently re-playing the mixtape over and over again. Street Legends Vol.1 is currently played in 5700 “hoods” worldwide making it a “hood world” after all.

In a recent review, foresees these Street Legends being around for a long time. Mainstream artists may have taken a break this holiday season, but Street Legends Vol.1 artists grind year round always ready to spit raw rhymes on some dope beats. Street Legends Vol.1 is available for download on,, and For more information on upcoming mixtape projects contact

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