Sunny Afternoon – Zamp Nicall’s Jazz on The Rocks


Weathered Underground director David N. Donihue returns to experimental roots with lyric video for Jazz On The Rocks

For “Sunny Afternoon”, Donihue chose themes of both remembrance and finding “peace in the moment”. The video takes us into the eyes of several old men, whose stories of “losing everything” and “drunken cruelty” they attempt to escape through enjoying the peace of the sunshine. As the warmth of the lyrics grow, so does their daydreams, culminating in gorgeous colors after a long drab ride.

Donihue came of age as an experimental filmmaker in Seattle. His efforts as a writer brought him critical acclaim for the film Parzania while as a director, he helmed the wildly intoxicating The Weathered Underground (Brea Grant of Heroes), which three years later still screens to cult audiences at underground parties all over the country.

Donihue returns to his roots for “Sunny Afternoon” where he uses both found footage and shot elements morphed together to create visuals that one rarely sees executed with such slickness and precision. We’re fans of this guy and can’t wait to see what comes out of his notoriously “strange mind” next.