Sunny Surff (@surffshine) – “MIXING”

We know everyday ain’t the same for everybody. Some of us come from
the bottom while others have a silver spoon. Sunny Surff, Jersey
Breed, was born in Long Branch, but grew up in Plainfield. As a youth
she was a class clown, cracking joke, making people laugh helped make
the days enjoyable, they loved her for the humor. She is known to
brighten up the ”baddest” of days. Music has always been her first
love. She would write and perform for family and friends (they was the
hype of it all), while always hearing them say, “Shakia, You’re
Blessed, You should do something with that talent.” However she was
caught up into the teenage life of “DESIGNER THINGS & FAST, MONEY” and
all the things that someone would get up and work hard for but she
couldn’t wait.

One of her first jobs was in a clothing store, trying to save money
but itching to spend was a struggle she faced. As she got older she
wanted more out of life. So she hit the road to see what life has to

Twitter: @surffshine
Instagram: SUNNY_SURFF
Snapchat: SURRF