Born in Danville,Il. Child of Everett and
Florence Mason. My parents, plus my
younger sister (Catrina) and I traveled the
world. My father was in the military which
took us to different places. I’ve been
exposed to all kinds of nationalities,
religions, and music. Got my first deal on
the Oprah Winfrey show. Due to situations
beyond my control, the deal was not
carried out and we were put on the shelf.
Now Roger Crosby and myself run Legwork Management.
Where I produce and record my own music.
I also write and direct my own videos. Off of “Long
Overdue” The Compilation T.i.p T.o.e J.a.y makes
his contribution to the album with Hittin Licks. A
song at first gives you the feel of another trap song,
but the word play combined with the story line is
something else completely. Hittin Licks and the compilation
are both on itunes.

Email: Underthescopeent@gmail.com