T-licious (@KAPJOENTERTAIN) – There’s Something Bout You

T-licious is one of the rare truly dynamic soulful truthful artists that one could ever come Into contact with the talents of this exceptional singer songwriter is out of this world she delivers such a moving sophisticated mesmerising performance that she captures you with her unique tone from the get go. With such a tropical mix of Saint Lucian and Guyanese she sure brings the sunshine wherever she goes. People have compared T-licious to Tracey Chapman, Billie Holiday, Nina Simmons, Supremes, Toni Braxton, and her aunty Reggae Legend Judy Boucher. She has organised her own performances alongside Daniel Damian Kapuscinski, over the years and has performed at Icon Hotel, raised money for Keech Cottage, Haiti, Great Orchestra Charity, Fringe Festival, Venus TV, Ben TV, The Performers Corner, LUR live radio, TropicalFm, Diverse FM, Radio 1 Xtra,BBC three Counties Radio, Luton Carnival Arts, West Star Radio, XxMwah_RadioxX Hat Factory, Local Community Festivals, The Comedy Club, The Forum, Kitty Jones Show and many more.