T.R.E. (@tre4ruffdraffs) – Sound Good


CKP presents the hot new single from T.R.E. entitled “Sound Good”, produced by JORDAN for Under Konstruction. This is one of those truth be told singles, that express the different ways of the hip-hop industry.

Born Trayvis Ruff in Newberry, South Carolina T.R.E. always displayed amazing aptitude and a love for writing. After relocating to Washington D.C. with his mom and younger brother at the age of 2, he began writing poetry in the first grade and became a stellar student. Struggling to support two children with an alcoholic husband, his mother moved the family around frequently. The streets of D.C. and P.G. County, Maryland thus having the biggest influence on T.R.E.

After the untimely murder of his father, T.R.E. fell into the almost cliché life of hustling and running the streets. Always feeling bigger than his current situation, T.R.E. continued to develop his craft by writing and rapping the stories of his life and the environment around him. At one point recording with a karaoke machine. Following major doses of death and jail, including the life sentence of his younger brother Jarvis, at the age of 14, his mother decided to relocate again. In a last ditch effort to save her oldest son, she moved to the suburbs of Maryland. Intrigued by the street lifestyle, T.R.E. couldn’t stay away. Though still finding time to be a constant winner at open mics around the D.C. area in addition to working with a number of major names in the industry.

Eventually T.R.E. decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue music full time. With PO of Dark City Records as his mentor he began to shop for a record deal. Labels loved the realness of T.R.E. instantly. They recognized his natural gift of an extensive vocabulary and the ability to tell an amazing story. But time after time label executives requested T.R.E. alter his music and identity to become more marketable. Refusing to conform and become just another bubblegum artist, T.R.E. stuck to his guns and decided to continue making a name for himself. He continued slaughtering competition at open mics and became a known face around prominent Atlanta studios.

Without any success of securing a major deal on his terms, T.R.E. decided to take complete creative control of his destiny. Out of that determination and frustration, Ruff Draffs Inc. was born. The first release of Ruff Draffs is entitled “On My Own”. The mixtape is a collaboration of T.R.E., Nico Solis with Crown Kings Productions and is hosted by DJ Don Cannon. The February 2012 release has become an instant street classic with every track being timeless and capable of being a single. “On My Own” sets T.R.E. on a direct path to becoming one of the best new artists in 2012.

Audiences seem to find an emotional connection to T.R.E.’s lyrics. There is sincerity in his words and voice. People often comment that when they are going through lifes challenges they turn to T.R.E. His music is the uncut truth consisting of real life stories. Judge for yourself the realness of this promising talent.

Mp3: http://www.hulkshare.com/p2e9lk7xh1c0