T1C3 (@_T1C3_) – Settle In Da Dust (Prod by @MerkedOutBeatz)

“Settle In Da Dust” is a new track by MerkedOutBeatz affiliated artist T1C3. After years of collaborating via the internet, they finally got a chance to come together to make something truly special. This track was developed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by both Anthony Gallagher of MerkedOutBeatz and T1C3 of Tate Music Group. It is a collaborative effort that shows how the combination of dedicated minds can create a quality result.

Please look forward to future releases in the same manner, we will be back at it soon! For now, “Settle In Da Dust” is available on iTunes for purchase and stream. If iTunes isn’t your thing, there are plenty other sites that have the song available.

Twitter: @_T1C3_