I Am Root –
About Liberate:
In attempt to cultivate culture, we ought to liberate ourselves of yesterday’s troubles and focus on progression. There is relevance in how we seek internal solutions to external mishaps. Here we witness, in film, a stride over adversity and, in poetry, the overcoming of the battle between sustaining dream-ability and assailing adversity. Before we impact the status quo of modern culture, we must address responsibilities in our own space. In order to liberate, we must rid our selves of all ill-wills internally. In order to liberate, we must make decisions that not only benefits the self but also the community. Even against opposition we must stay true to doing what is necessary.

Executive Producer Dom Flagg @_Masterdom
Directed by Dig Totton @DIGTotton
Music by Godzilla @ProdByGod
Spoken Word by Dom Flagg for I Am Root
Re-Edited by Ulric Fraser
Wake-Up and Just … Live –
No Copyright Infringement intended. No profits were gained from this project.

AUDIO/VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UlU7GuyW4o