The Hip Hop sensation Codi Kodeine is getting ready to release his new series of mixtapes. The first mixtape from the “Kush & Kodeine” series will be hosted by Dj bandana black a buffalo Dj that’s on the rize, he’s not apart of the label and no pun intended. Releasing the Hit Single “Want It” available for download right now on Codi Kodeine’s website, The Hit Factory will also contain the “Kush & Kodeine” series. “We chose the single “Want It” because it inspires me to wake up and chase my dreams, it motivates to make moves in the right direction” Codi Kodeine stated to me while talking at the round table. I heard the song and it’s an amazing song that really motivated me. The powerful words he cleverly put together really spoke to my soul. The recording process was a wonderful experience, each hook having its own sound, one taking his verses, he is a phenomenal artist when he’s in his element, an amazing thing to witness. For more info on Codi Kodeine Join “Codi Kodeine Weekly” at