The Band of the Hawk (@noahofhtx) – The Last Temptation


The Band of the Hawk does it again! Following up the “lighter” fare of their “Emerald Tablets” project, this Texas collective comes back hard with the moody, darker toned “Last Temptation”. Noah Archangel again takes the reigns and creates a rich sonic landscape reminiscent of 90’s Hardcore and the 00’s Detroit J Dilla boom bap. Loosely structured about the Scorsese film “The Last Temptation of Christ”, the Hawks showcase their lyrical versatility presenting diverse observations into the hearts of me. King aka Man@Arms’ quotables go down easy given his cool demeanor and smooth delivery. Noah provides contrast with his bragadocious, in-your-face rap style. And lastly, DatBoi3 aka P.Ey3 adds a flair for the dramatic with picturesque poetics. The sum of all parts yield a unique chemistry and fascinating listening experience. The Band of the Hawk are firing on all cylinders with beats, rhymes, and life. Let them lead you into temptation. BOHUP!!

Video: “Kill Me” –
Twitter/IG : @noahofhtx