The DaredevyL (@thedaredevyl) – Blackjack 5: KING (EP)

This is the 7th edition of The DaredevyL’s “Blackjack EP” series (Produced by The Daredevyl himself), which is a collection of 7-song projects with 21 minutes of material all of which are set to simultaneously release on the 21st day of every month. In this edition of Blackjack, DevyL shows a balance of his lyrical talent as well as his production with grimey, yet laid back tracks. Naming this Blackjack “KING”, DevyL shines for his hometown, mainly the MLK Jr Drive/Mozley Park areas of West Atlanta. If you haven’t heard any of this guy’s music, you’re missing out on another very talented up and coming artist from Atlanta’s highly respected arsenal of New music! Even if you don’t want to pay attention,