The Dimillez Camp (@DimillezCamp) – Twerk Wagon


Here comes the “Twerk Wagon”!!!!

Just when you thought the Twerk re-introduction was almost over, here comes a track that gets the booties bouncing on the floor. Twerk music doesn’t have to be complicated and the genius of a good Twerk record is it’s simplicity. The Dimillez Camp deliver in this late 3rd quarter entry. From Miami to New York and Atlanta to the Bay, the ratchetness is about to be turned up with this infectious bass jam that is going to take the industry by surprise as much as it’s origination.

The Dimillez Camp hails from Findlay, Ohio which is a couple hours from the Motor City, Detroit and as we’ve seen from the Midwest, the artists are from “no coast” are diverse with their sound so their music represents all regions and can touch everybody. The Dimillez Camp is dropping the “BLACKGOLD” album at the top of the new year with some surprises that will keep your attention, they will definitely be first quarter draft picks. But in the meantime, “Twerk Wagon” is going to keep us warm this winter because this joint is hot!