Thy Muel (@TrustInThyMuel) – The Dreamer (Prod. By @ThaRealKiller)


The album is full length (12 songs, over 40 mins of music), completely original production, and was recorded between January and May in Nashville, TN. Killa Kam (@ThaRealKiller) is the engineer and did all of the back end work on the music. Recording and working in a different city/environment truly allowed us to step outside our comfort zone, and create a musical landscape that without a doubt shows the progression and maturation we’ve made as artists over the course of the last year or so. (Since Humble Pie was released August 2013 more specifically). We’re very confident in what we’ve created with this album, and initial opinions from several trusted individuals reiterate that notion. The music is comparable to nothing else being done locally or regionally.

Features include EST’s Dubo, (@dubz216), Ohio’s own Falero (@falero440), JAG out of Houston TX (@CEAZARNTG), and Haley J from northern Florida (@hayj_). Each appearance adds great diversity to the flow and direction of the project, while not taking away or distracting the listener from our unique style and sound.

It is most definitely a conceptual album, with a handful of the songs being told in a 3rd person view – from the perspective of a restless artist, who is confident in his teams abilities and ambitions, while constantly having to fight through the endless trials involved with establishing their reputation in the music industry. In our opinion and in comparison to our previous efforts (Humble Pie, etc….), it is a major advance forward on all accounts – from the production and mixes – to the lyricism and subject matter.

We would be more than happy to send you guys an advanced copy in the next few weeks, and hope you enjoy “The Dreamer”, as it is an accurate representation of what “HATS” will have to offer. Ive also attached a copy of the album cover, which was designed by Jon Roblin (@rizzoblam)

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