Tommy Marcinek (@TommyMarcinek) – Sheila The Boyfriend Steala


You are about to enter the world of Sheila. She’s out to steal your boyfriend, so you better hang on to your man! Enjoy this up-tempo Dance tune, which is based on a real person, whose “real” name will remain changed to protect the innocent. 🙂

Many people don’t know what to think about Tommy Marcinek since he is so unconventional. That is, his music is multi-dimensional, crossing over many genres of musical styles and forms. His CD “Just The Beginning” is extremely eclectic in that there is no specific genre of music in which the CD can be categorized. All in all, on his website ( you’ll find songs like rock, love ballads, instrumentals, easy-listening, bluesy stuff, Middle-Eastern songs written specifically for Belly Dancers, disco, club, oldies, you name it. So, whatever your musical tastes, chances are you’ll hear something you will like!

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