Toronto Pop entertainer The NobleRz wants to treat her extra special.


Toronto music entertainer The NobleRz composes a new Pop song called “Treat U Xtra Special”. While there is a concerning trend of the rising divorce rates in North America, The NobleRz intends to prove to his future girlfriend that he is the one for her, and she is given a guarantee that she will not be left heartbroken .

The NobleRz tells his future girlfriend that she deserves a male partner who will cherish the relationship, and he uses a variety of justifications and explanations as to why she should submit her love to The NobleRz. The lyrics of the song is based on the premise that an intimate relationship is a mutual agreement, and when a female offers her love, she should be treated fairly in exchange. The NobleRz’s romantic song shows that most men from Toronto, Canada have some experience in treating their girlfriends “Xtra Special”.

The NobleRz’s music can be reached on his website and on his Soundcloud