TWEEZYSTOW (@tweezystow) – i will do, dat thing+for+ya


Tweezystow, is a new artist , datz grinding hard-into the music industry. Out from Vienna Austria, am vey much consistent in bringing some of the hottest new hip hop Sound around. believe that. I have released two Independent Album, all on my own. My first Album ist Titled `LONDON TOWN`. the follow up is called `EXTRA-ORDINARY VISUALIZATION` all out now on iTunes.
Am very good, in stimulating the ears of my listeners with my harsh, honest and raw rhymes, dat i be spitting, fo Sho. Am also, nearly Close to finalizing and releasing my 3rd Album, which carrys more tune, the title would be `DELICIOUS LECTURETATION`. Ey yo DJS, please bang my tunes, out there. at your Events\parties, and at the club, and all that etc. To Every label out there datz interested in working with Tweezystow. lets work, yall! Am READY