Vessbroz (@Vessbroz) – “Don’t Get Me Wrong”


‘we was in the gym and doing work out, suddenly we heard a women making funny noises while lifting a weight, We looked at each other and smile,because we both thought about same thing,OUR NEXT SONG IDEA WAS JUST IN FRONT OF US!’ Vessbroz said.

They started to make a music with gym noises that people make during work out,but when they got the final result it was more look like bed noises not a gym one!

So they came out with the name ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ and they released the music video almost 2 weeks after track released,to let those who have a dirty mind,know they got Vessbroz wrong!

Vessbroz have plan to market their music on their upcoming tour around Malaysia for coca-cola event start at 24,march,2016 until 23,April,2016.