Virginia Bright (@vbrightworld) – Coz´ You Are


Single is due for Digital Release this 25th April

Spanish-UK European Superstar, Virginia Bright, a.k.a. Queen.La.V, has been making her mark in the United States since arriving on the music scene earlier last year. New Bright, already an icon of the Afro-European entertainment scene, is finally releasing new single “Coz´You Are…Porque Tu Eres” from her awaited Debut Album under the same name “Coz´ You Are”. Virginia earned last year a Nomination for Female Artist of the Year at the 23rd Los Angeles Music Awards last year.

Singer – Actress Virginia Bright gave her fans the ultimate gift that they had been waiting on for so long in the form of her new release single called “Coz´ You Are”. The single was originally written for the soundtrack of a movie she had in mind some time ago, which today is on pre-production stages “Coz´You Are”, as part of her awaited debut album also titled “Coz´You Are”.

She recorded the song good couple of years ago and this what she said about the single on her VBright Music website. “It was the very first time I had the most beautiful and at the same time somewhat surreal experienced that marked a moment in my life, it was that before and after effect, never been overcome to write a song after stearin into someone´s eyes for long hours before, but this one sent me to another place, I felt it! The power, the freedom, the strength to discover and find beauty that lives in oneself through the eyes of another person. And I knew right at that moment I would write a song called, Coz´ You Are, to describe that kind of Self- Unconditional love. The whole of you—body, mind and soul—Where life is all like a big Rainbow! Full of color, then is when I understood we are all one”.

She takes her followers on a musical journey as she shares a message with them for this new spring by saying,. “Know yourself and discover the Love in yourself. Conquer yourself. Change yourself. Today and always, COZ YOU ARE… all the beauty you see in others is just a reflection of the beauty that lives within yourself and I wish you the kind of love that comes from within and shines bright all the way out!”.

“Coz´ You Are” is an up-tempo felling good music track. Song is written & produced by Virginia Bright having a luxurious Collaboration of top musicians such legendary Congolese guitarist Fiston Lusambo and Safrón Manzangui or the amazing talented Spanish guitarist Alejandro del Amor and rapper “Prodigul” who are the main features on the song.

Virginia Bright will be donating 30% of her Coz´You Are Music Revenue to her 3 Top Charities Forward Organization, Pink For Africa & the FAM Foundations _ I wanted it to do it this way, because it drives me and motivates me much more, in knowing that per download people make of my music or purchase of any of my merchandising related to my “Coz´ You Are” we altogether will be making a huge contribution and a great difference in the lives of many children and women out there. To me is in the giving where true joy Lives! So if I can give any support to the work these organizations do I will try my very best and if you would love to help me in doing so, I will be eternally Grateful for it! Thank You.

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