Vladimir Antoine (@HeSoVlad) – Count’Em Up


The noise is deafening, but the feeling is incomparable. He’s aware. He’s alert. He’s more than ready. He takes in that last breath before the music starts and he’s finally home.

Vladimir Antoine belongs on a stage doing what he loves to do…performing the music he creates. It’s the kind of music that transports you to that unexpected break-up, Saturday night with your boys, or last summer’s late night cruise through your old neighborhood. Vlad’s sound takes you there and makes you feel it. Boston streets and nightlife have found their way into his track, “Count Em Up”, where Vlad sends a nod to the lovely women at Venue and Rumor. “Conversation” introduces melodic tones that usher in a new take on modern RnB. His experience in sound engineering and audio production at the Art Institute help guide his artistic creativity and manage his capacity to become one of the more innovative musicians in the area. His first EP, “Her”, will be released later this year.

(Twitter) https://twitter.com/HeSoVlad