Wax’a’don (@kevinromez2) – I Want U

Wax’A’Don is neither rapper nor singer, but dynamic hip-hop artist with a powerful message to share. He’s known for a crafty play on words and quick tongue. Wax just released the hot new single “I Want U” and while most fans have just recently discovered him, his musical journey began long ago.

He was dancing at 7, performing live for 100’s of people by 9, and choreographed his first show at 14. He never lost his love for dance but nothing got Wax’A’Don more charged than singing. With mic in hand he felt anything was possible! Wax kept rapping for years but a career was sparked when a friend asked “Have you ever lost a battle?”

A man once told Wax that people wouldn’t buy his music if he didn’t fit the industry image and that spurred the mask. Before the friend passed away Wax promised that he would achieve success and people would only know what he looks like then. He wears the mask for that friend and for anyone else who’s chased a dream and if anyone can pull it off it’s Wax’A’Don.

Twitter: @kevinromez2
Facebook: waxadon
IG: waxadon