Young Lye (@younglye) – Jordan #1

young lye

Young Lye, the teenage wordsmith from the BX, has been catching the attention of lot of important ears in the industry, and now his visuals are catching eyes too. After Young Lye offered up the vids for the singles “Jordan #1” and “Drop It 2 Da Floor”, both of which have received over 200K views on YouTube, and the video to “Don’t Give Up The Struggle”, is an ode of positivity that’s been missing on today’s music scene.

Young Lye is scheduled for a landmark career move, with a live performance at Mad Wednesdays at The Shrine in Harlem hosted by the originator of Mad Wednesdays, Marie Davis. In case you don’t recall, Ms. Davis made an appearance in Jay-Z’s classic “Reasonable Doubt” album. Yes, it’s that serious.

”In my track (JordaN #1) i’m rapping about city life in Bronx n.y.c., some times you win, and sometimes you lose” says Young Lye.