Yung Tokes (@yungtokes)


Raising the Bar, Hip Hop Artist, Yung Tokes, first rapper ever to become an attorney.

Michigan born, Arizona based Hip Hop Artist, Yung Tokes, stormed the music scene in 2007. His success and journey through life has been a key factor in his music career landing him a top 5 spot for Arizona Hip Hop Artist on Reverbnation & winning an international spot opening for world-renowned artist Basshunter in 2014. Yung Tokes is better than ever with his new album, Bowties&Tattoos that will drop July 22nd on iTunes. Bowties&Tattoos is a concept album created to reflect his lifestyle. At the age of 25, Yung Tokes will become the FIRST Hip Hop artist to obtain a law degree. Known for his fashionable bowties, underneath Tokes is covered with tattoos that tell his story. Growing up in Dearborn, MI, Yung Tokes has always had a passion for hip hop music while aspiring career to become an Attorney. Merging his two worlds together, Bowties & Tattoos is revolutionary with an inventive multi-layered sound; Yung Tokes album brings a distinct & fresh sound to Hip Hop.